Our Values

Put Patients First

We are about care, not a transaction. We always strive for a smile on our patients’ faces and put their needs first, and our doctors, franchisees and staff are ready to make sacrifices to ensure that always happens. Our products and services are designed with pa tients at the center, while being deeply immersed in their context to fully empathize with their realities and challenges.

Be the Change

We do not compromise. We dream of a different world of humane, empathetic, non-exploitative healthcare, and refuse to stop until that dream is a reality. We take initiative to break barriers and challenges status quo, in big ways and small. We are resilient in the face of adversity, and are in this for a long term reform at scale, not a short term fizzle on the fringes.

Shoot for Wow

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We aim to deliver a WOW experience to our users and patients, creating wonder in big and small ways wherever possible. We contribute beyond our duties, enable others to achieve beyond themselves, and give more than we take. We believe in servant leadership, where your sole purpose as a leader is to serve the mission and enable your team to achieve excellence.

Hold Each Other Accountable

We expect the same high standards from others as we do from ourselves. No amount of discomfort stops us from challenging others when we see our mission or values being compromised. No ego is more important than our purpose – we take feedback from our colleagues as a precious gift that can help us be our best.

Celebrate Success and Failure

We love celebrating our successes and achievements, because its fun and inspirational. But while success reinforces things we already know, it is failures that teach us new and valuable lessons. We therefore celebrate failures too, striving to reflect and learn from them rather than shove them under the carpet. We take measured risks and proto type everything we do – “failing fast” is what makes us more successful.

Trust and Be Trustworthy

We believe people are worthy of trust until they prove otherwise. We are all responsible adults, and deserve freedom to make our own choices. It is not the job of the organization to police its people, its job is to empower them. We do not judge prematurely, and always give the benefit of doubt, even if it means getting our fingers burnt from time to time. The purity of our heart is more precious than being savvy. We are transparent about our emotions and motives, and always measure our own acts against the best judge of all – our conscience.

Close Your Eyes and Take a Breath

Preaching well-being for others would be hypocrisy if we didn’t care about our own. We believe we should nurture the wellbeing of our team members – both physically and emotionally – by carving out spaces for reflection, maintaining good balance between work and life, and enabling each other to live healthier lives. And of course, throw in the occasional music night over a barbeque!

Life at Jeeon

Uncapped leaves and paid vacation

We trust you enough to give you full control over when and how to take leaves or vacations. No caps means no tracking – you are only asked to make sure you inform ahead of time and don’t drop any balls.

Fitness trackers for everyone

We care about the health of our people as much as that of our customers. So we give everyone a fitness tracker (like FitBit), and organize weekly competitions to encourage everyone to stay healthy.

No weekend or after-hours work

We take work-life balance seriously, and we promise not to eat into your personal time with family, friends, dogs or books after hours or during weekends. Our CEO still emails on weekends, but rarely if ever gets a reply!

Home-cooked meals in office

We cater home-cooked lunch to our office, to ensure you get only the best quality meals. We are also a bunch of foodies, so making our snacks healthier has been a “work in progress” (think Bhel Puris, Moghlais and Pringles!)

Bring pets to office

If you have a pet and want to bring it to office, most welcome. We love to have dogs and cats around to cuddle with once in a while!

Standing desks

A variety of working configurations and regularly switching between them is good for health. We have a mix of sofas, on-the-ground sitting, traditional desks, and standing desks to give you the options. If you are adventurous, you can also try balancing your laptop on our treadmill!

Games room and book corner

We have a dedicated game room in the office, where you can play life size Zenga, Monopoly and Scruples whenever you want. There’s also a dedicated spot with bar tools, a book-case and coffee for reading.

Health insurance and free check-ups

We want you to be at peace about your health. We give full-time employees insurance coverage for hospitalizations, and regular check ups are mandatory and paid by us depending on your age.

ConneXion hours

We try to have weekly whole team hours to do something together – be it watching a movie, play a game, or share deep personal stories that create intimate and warm moments of connection. If you don’t tear up once in a while, we will treat you anywhere you want!

Work from home

You choose when to come into office, or if at all. We only ask if it has a regular cadence so we know when to schedule team meetings.

etc. etc. etc.

And of course, you get two festival bonuses, unlimited field trips, at least two retreats annually to resorts outside Dhaka with the entire team, and a hand-picked group of colleagues you not only will love, but also deeply respect.